Wannabe Holiday Spirit

I can’t help but to get excited over the holidays. Halloween (if you celebrate it), Thanksgiving (for my fellow Americans), and Christmas. Since entering the realm of all things beauty, I have come to enjoy the new collections and products that pop up during each season. Brands are starting to either release or tease their products with BH Cosmetics being the first “affordable” brand that has a collection I’m debating about buying.
While the brand has not updated their website to include their holiday stuff, I went on Ulta’s website and searched BH Cosmetics page; lo and behold, there was the “Royal Affair” collection. It doesn’t scream “Christmasy” but it still gives off the season feels. Included in the set is a palette ($18), 10-piece brush set ($25), and a 5-piece set of their Liquid Linen lipsticks ($24).
Unique lip set
The palette isn’t really my cup of tea, seeing as there isn’t a great variety of colors and it doesn’t really have a holiday aesthetic. The brushes are appealing because I need brushes and the colors remind me of the Christmas lights I put on my tree. The lip set is unique in that BH Cosmetics took two of their more popular Liquid Linen shades and created three exclusive shades just for the set. I’ll be buying the brushes and lip set but I think I may hold off on the palette.
There are 86 days left until Christmas, leaving plenty of time for our favorite brands to release collections that we can’t resist. BH Cosmetics made a decent effort but it wasn’t really my cup of tea. If you are interested in the collection, you can purchase it on Ulta’s website.
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