Slowly Getting There

September is almost over and the holidays are creeping ever closer. This week seemed like brands were slowing down a bit as there were fewer releases. But you know with the holidays rapidly approaching, brands are putting the finishing touches on their holiday glam (like the rumored “Royal Affair” from BH Cosmetics). For now let’s enjoy these simmering launches.

Flower Beauty: Drew Barrymore has been creating products nonstop for Flower Beauty, this time focusing on blush products. The brand’s Instagram announced they would be releasing Blush Bombs, but I was disappointed because the packaging seemed kind of lackluster, for lack of better words. The Blush Bombs come in six shades and each one costs $11. You can grab one on Flower Beauty’s site or Ulta’s site.
Blush Bomb “Bitten”

L.A Girl: Coming hot on the heels of the popular Shockwave Liners comes a new assortment of lippies in metallic/glittery packaging. L.A Girl began teasing this product a couple days ago and, to be honest, I am not as excited as I was about the Shockwave liners. I love the packaging, but I think the brand does a lot of lip products that are quite similar, either in shades or in concept. Anyway, these new lippies launched on September 27.
Mysterious lippies

E.l.f: They have been teasing the Modern Metals collection for the past week and it is finally here! Launched on September 26, Modern Metals was inspired by the city of New Orleans and a few influencers such as Yuri G helped create the collection.
Included in the collection is an eyeshadow palette ($12), blush/highlighting palette ($12), a liquid lipstick ($6), and a lip gloss ($6). The entire collection is $32, or you can buy each product individually. This collection is currently available only on E.l.f’s site.

Black Opal: It has been a while since Black Opal released anything new so I was excited to see this product appear on their Instagram feed. Introducing… True Color Illuminating Powder! Ok, so it’s a highlighter but it looks stunning and would suit people of medium to dark skin tones. We already know that Black Opal has great prices and they priced this beauty for $9.95, or $10, if you round your numbers like I do. You can find the highlighter here.

Kleancolor: This brand reminds me of E.l.f except underrated. Kleancolor sells most of their product for under $10 and the pigment is excellent. The brand launched three new products: two eyeshadow palettes and a blush palette.

The first eyeshadow palette, My Whole Universe, has simple yet chic packaging with 13 shades; four shimmer and nine matte. This palette spans the color scheme of the rainbow and is only $7!

Rainbow vibes

The other eyeshadow palette is called Gem Rock and the colors are mouthwatering! So there are 12 shades; 10 shimmer and 2 matte. If you like more mattes than shimmers in a palette this may not be for you. For all of my shimmer shade lovers, the purple shimmers are too beautiful for words. The best part? The Gem Rock palette is only $6!
Gem vibes
On to the blush, of which there are technically two palettes. The Rustic Bouquet Blush palette has two different color schemes: Dusty Rose and Petal Garden. In my opinion, Dusty Rose works as both a blush and highlight while the Petal Garden is fully a blush palette with colors for all skin tones. You can grab these palettes for $7 each or just one.
Dusty Rose
Petal Garden

Which products are calling your name? I am definitely getting the Kleancolor and Black Opal products but I’m not too sure about the others. I am so eager to see what brands are cooking up for the holidays because the releases are sort of stale compared to what we saw during the summer.
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Photo credits:
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