I’m a Glitter Girl

In a glitter world! I know that I made up those lyrics to the “Barbie Girl” song but I think it applies here. Glitter has a way of making people feel better (at least for me it does). Unfortunately, I can’t use as much glitter as I’d like because my two-year-old son runs throughout the house getting into everything… But on those rare occasions when he’s quietly watching cartoons or napping, I pull out some of my favorite cosmetic glitters. I was browsing one of my favorite indie brands and realized how much I’ve been wanting to get more pigments and glitters from Lycheexo.

I have previously written about Lycheexo, an indie brand based in London. The brand produces some of the most beautiful and creative glitter, pigments, and lipsticks. There are several different collections for the glitters, such as the Chunky and Glitz. The colors are so pigmented, giving the user vivid eye looks. The prices are reasonable with each jar being $4.99 but a little extra if you choose to buy the XL container.
Partial Glitz collection
Partial Chunky collection
Lycheexo also recently launched their new Multi-Chrome Pigments which look so fascinating. Each pigment shifts into four different colors, marking a new and exciting trend in the pigment section of cosmetics.
There are five shades of the pigments:
Inferno (shifts: burnt orange, copper, gold, and olive)
Royalty (shifts: pink, purple, gold, and olive)
Dynamic (shifts: purple, violet, magenta, and pink)
Grapevine (shifts: purple, green, turquoise, and pink)
Envy (shifts: green, teal, cyan, and dark green).
Each of the pigments cost $12.95 but the bundle is $57.75. I’d love to be able to buy them right now and give you a review, but my bank account can’t handle another purchase 😊 But when I get them, I’ll post the swatches and a review.
Comment below which shade of the pigments you like and/or if you had ever heard of Lycheexo. I am trying to give small brands recognition and I feel like Lycheexo is one of the brands that is so amazing but doesn’t get the exposure it deserves.
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*All photos and information are from Lycheexo’s website*


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