Musically-Inclined Makeup

Two things I love have been joined together by Makeup Revolution. If you didn’t know, Makeup Revolution is essentially made up of four “brands”; I Heart Revolution, Revolution, Obsession, and Revolution Pro. Of the four, I Heart Revolution has steadily released products throughout the summer, mainly their bestselling Chocolate Palettes. This time the brand collaborated with the legendary music company Now Music to create three palettes based on some of the best decades for music: the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s.

Each palette’s packaging is reminiscent of a CD cover (remember those?) and the shades are arranged to resemble decibels from music recordings. The colors also show off the theme of the palette.

The 80’s was known for big hair, “crazy fashion”, and bold colors; the palette contains a range of vibrant shades, from blue to green and purple to red.

MTV vibes
90’s music became portable through the Walkman and neutral makeup and smoky eyes became the makeup trend. The palette serves up the neutrals while injecting bursts of purples and pinks for some color.
Subtle shades
Pop vibes
The 00’s brought us the iPod and mp3 files, making music accessible anywhere. Makeup was fairly simple, with lip gloss being a staple in many makeup bags and monochromatic. Revolution decided to keep this palette simple, with yellows, oranges, and browns, for a more neutral and “earthy” palette.

Love the bronze
R&B vibes

Each palette costs $15 and are available on Makeup Revolution’s site.
Which decade was your favorite for music? Which palette is your favorite? Sound off in the comments and be sure to follow The Trendy Wallet via Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest and subscribe for new articles and other fun stuff!
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