Dupe It Up: Shop Hush edition

This is a new series in which we’ll be looking at dupes of popular brands/products. I know some people don’t agree with dupes but let’s face it, you save money when you buy a dupe and sometimes get better quality.
The fourth article ever published on The Trendy Wallet covered a few dupes from the Hush App. So  I’ve decided to do compile another list of dupes covering more palettes available on Hush and which brands they are duping.
Note: Hush is working on international shipping so for my international readers, it’ll be a little longer before you can start getting these products.

Bad Habit/Face Candy                                               Original
Bad Habit Fantasia $16
Natasha Denona Tropic $129
Bad Habit Divine $16
Natasha Denona Star $169
Bad Habit Cult Mystics $24
Pat McGrath Mothership I: Subliminal $125
Bad Habit Cult Mythos $24
Pat McGrath Mothership II: Sublime $125
Bad Habit Cult Mystere $24
Pat McGrath Mothership III: Subversive $125
Bad Habit Artistry $12
Anastasia Beverly Hills x Mario Master palette $45
Bad Habit Artistry II $12
KKW x Mario Collab $45
Bad Habit Midsummer Night $16
Too Faced Natural Love $59
Bad Habit Dreamstate $14
Fenty Beauty Galaxy $59
Bad Habit Aura $12
Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism $42
Bad Habit After Collection $12 each; $48 bundled
Huda Beauty Obsession collection $27 each; $162 bundle
Bad Habit Supernova $16
Natasha Denona Lila $129
Bad Habit Solstice $16
Natasha Denona Sunset $129
Face Candy Disco Fever $16
Too Faced Chocolate Gold $49
Face Candy Tropics $10
Lime Crime Venus 1 $38
Face Candy Rainforest $10
Lime Crime Venus 2 $38
Face Candy Wild $16
Kat Von D Sinner $62
Face Candy Atlantis $14
*Tarte Cosmetics Icy Betch*
Face Candy Smoothie $12
Too Faced White Peach $45
Face Candy Milkshake $12
Too Faced Just Peachy $45
Face Candy Vice $12
Kylie Cosmetics Purple Palette $42
Face Candy Mermaid Glow $12
Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow $40
Face Candy Unicorn Glow $12
Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow $40
*Tarte Cosmetics never released the Icy Betch palette as it was an April Fool’s Joke last year*
Fantasia vs Tropic ($113 difference)
Divine vs Star ($153 difference)

Mystics vs Subliminal ($101 difference)

Mythos vs Sublime ($101 difference)

Mystere vs Subversive ($101 difference)
Artistry vs Master palette ($33 difference)
Artistry II vs KKW x Mario ($33 difference)

Midsummer Night vs Natural Love ($43 difference)
Natural Love

Dreamstate vs Galaxy ($45 difference)

Aura vs Prism ($30 difference)
After Collection vs Obsessions (individually: $15 difference. Bundle: $114 difference)
After Collection
Supernova vs Lila ($113 difference)

Solstice vs Sunset ($113 difference)

Disco Fever vs Chocolate Gold ($33 difference)
Disco Fever
Chocolate Gold
Tropics vs Venus 1 ($28 difference)
Venus I

Rainforest vs Venus 2 ($28 difference)
Venus II

Wild vs Sinner ($46 difference)
Atlantis vs “Icy Betch” (NA; Icy Betch never released)
Icy Betch

Smoothie vs White Peach ($33 difference)
White Peach

Milkshake vs Just Peachy ($33 difference)
Just Peachy

Vice vs Purple Palette ($30 difference)
Purple Palette
Mermaid Glow vs Moonchild Glow ($28 difference)
Mermaid Glow
Moonchild Glow
Unicorn Glow vs Aurora Glow ($28 difference)
Unicorn Glow
Aurora Glow

There you have it. All of these dupes have at least a $25 difference between them and the original palettes. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d like to save as much money as possible and for being dupes, Bad Habit and Face Candy create high-quality products. Tell me in the comments: would you rather buy the original or the dupe?
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Photo credits:
All Bad Habit/Face Candy products from ShopHush website
Natasha Denona’s website
Too Faced website
Lime Crime’s website
Pat McGrath’s website
Kylie Cosmetics’ website
Anastasia Beverly Hills website
Huda Beauty Obessions (themakeupstore)

*Check out the updated version here!

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