Another Day, Another Collaboration

All of these collaborations are too much. There, I said it. I love seeing smaller influencers gain exposure but goodness gracious! There has been so many collaborations within the past few months and I’m tired of seeing influencers create similar looking eyeshadow palettes and highlighters. Give me variety! Show me a unique concept! Is it too much to ask?

In the last article I discussed a few releases from this week and the upcoming launches that are being teased via social media. Makeup Revolution posted a picture on Instagram of several eyeshadow shades, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the new palette. Imagine the surprise when MUR dropped yet another collaboration with no real warning and earlier than their usual Wednesday launches. This time the brand collaborated with an influencer from the Czech Republic named Petra Vancurová.
A little background on Petra: She is a beauty Youtuber (petralovelyhair) with a modest following of 236k subscribers. All of her videos are in her native language, with her first English-language video being released today (September 7th) on Revolution’s Youtube channel. I had never heard of her before but this is why I love Makeup Revolution; they are always looking for new influencers to work with, effectively helping them gain recognition.
Petra created a stunning eyeshadow palette that is different from the other collaborations released by MUR. She finally gave the shade range I’ve been waiting for all summer. In my honest opinion, a few of the colors in Petra’s palette are similar to the new Opposites Attract palette that E.l.f Cosmetics just launched but with subtle differences. Nonetheless, this newest collaboration with Petra has a unique aspect to it; the palette is double-sided.
The palette was conveniently designed to have both cool and warm tones in the same palette. Interestingly, all of the colors stand out to me, which is rare. I will buy the palette because I do like the concept of a double-sided palette, I like the color scheme, and it will be great for travel. You can grab the Makeup Revolution x Petra palette on their website for $17.
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