Recent Finds: De’Lanci and Mellow Cosmetics

Instagram is fantastic for finding new brands, especially for makeup addicts. I regularly check my IG and recently found two new brands. De’Lanci and Mellow Cosmetics have different aesthetics but both share a common theme in providing what appear to be high-quality products for affordable prices. I have not tried products from either brand but I will be buying at least a palette and lipstick from each brand before giving my opinion on the quality each brand.
Mellow Cosmetics:
This brand caught my eye due to a sponsored post on Instagram. I checked the brand’s page and the pictures were absolutely gorgeous as I looked through the feed. Their eyeshadow palettes, Treasure Chest and Sinopia are breathtaking; I usually don’t wear a lot of neutral or warm tones but there is something alluring about the Treasure Chest palette, encouraging me to try something new. The Sinopia palette gives both warm and cool tones so it may be my first purchase from Mellow. Both palettes retail for $28 USD.

Treasure Chest

Based in New Zealand and founded by Ima Asali in 2014, Mellow Cosmetics is a natural cosmetic brand. It has grown rapidly since its founding in 2014, expanding its range of products from the original baked eyeshadows to eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and moving on to facial products. This is one of the more costly brands written about here on this blog but the reviews for Mellow are quite good.
I stumbled upon De’Lanci through an MUA whom I follow on Instagram; she had purchased a palette from the brand and praised the shadows’ formula and blendability. Upon further research I discovered that De’Lanci is based in Shenzhen, China and they have positive reviews.
The most popular palette from De’Lanci is the Nocturne palette ($20 on Amazon) which boasts 25 shades; 10 mattes, 10 shimmers, and 5 pressed glitters. This palette has a fantastic range of colors, almost on par with the original Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette. The prices are reasonable and you can buy De’Lanci products either on Amazon or on their website. My first purchase from this brand may be the Starry Moon Night palette ($13 on Amazon).
Starry Moon Night
It’s amazing to see brands from other countries gaining recognition here in the States. I’m thankful that Instagram has made it easier for indie brands to find their voice within a saturated market. Make sure to check both these brands out and, if you can, support indie brands.
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Mellow Cosmetics (website)
De’Lanci (website)

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