Do You "JOAH?"

The fact is that the Korean beauty industry has exploded with popularity in Western countries. More brands and stores are stocking their shelves with Korean skin care products. While most stores are capitalizing on the skin care aspect of Korean beauty trends, Joah Beauty encapsulates all that is Korean beauty, created a great range of face, eye, and lip products, and has graced us with being affordable.

Birthday Suit eyeshadow palette $10

The Korean word for like/I like it is “좋아” or “joha”, however to make it easier for people to recognize and pronounce correctly, the brand romanizes the Hangul to JOAH. Created in collaboration with CVS and popular brand KISS, JOAH Beauty officially launched in early June online and finally began to pop up in CVS stores in July. It makes sense that CVS would carry the line; the store chain currently has the largest selection of K-beauty products in the United States. The brand will be available in 4,000 stores by September 2018.

JOAH Beauty provides an assortment of products for natural makeup looks. Foundations, concealers, liquid lipsticks, eyeshadow, and brushes are just a few of the products. There are an estimated 158 products currently available and we can be prepared for more. For a brand that just launched, JOAH has done well to ensure that every race is represented in their shade ranges and on their promotional content. This is part of what drew me to the brand.
Truly Yours foundation (Toffee)
I recommend that you start with the Truly Yours foundation (if you can find your shade). There are eight shades currently, from ivory to toffee, but the range could expand eventually. The lightweight coverage is great for this summer weather and for $9, it is super affordable and compares to other drugstore brands like Maybelline. 
The packaging is charming and features what appears to be the brand’s choice of color, green. All of products are under $15 so when you find JOAH in your local CVS, I would definitely stock up as the brand gains popularity. It is exclusive to CVS and is currently only available in the US; if the brand is not available in your local CVS, you can also order the products online.
Wat-a-matte Liquid Lipstick (Sangria)
Tell me your thoughts about JOAH or the entire K-beauty industry in the comment section. I’m glad that there is a brand that has moved past the skin care part of K-beauty and has focused on full face cosmetics like foundation and eyeshadows.
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