Sleek Makeup’s E10 Palette Review

If you haven’t heard of Sleek Makeup, you have been missing out. I have previously discussed this British brand and my love for their eyeshadow palettes. I have tried the Beautiful Sin palette and, during my last Ulta visit, I picked up the E10 palette. Side note: the brand is also available online at Target and Walgreens.


Love these shades

The E10 palette is composed of eleven shimmer shades and one matte black shade to help create smoky-eye looks. There is an assortment of shades with warm tones like pink, peach, and yellows as well as cool tones of blue and green. I love palettes with both warm and cool tones so I was eager to test the palette out. Based on first impressions, the forest green shade really stood out to me.
All of the shades are nicely pigmented and most swatched quite well. As I swatched some of the shades, there were a couple shades that had fallout (mostly the red/copper shade) but it was minimal, and I simply fanned the extra product away.
First swatches
Most of the colors applied great but I noticed that the lighter colors like the yellow/gold, pink, and peach shades were a little “difficult”, so I tried a little spray, redid those colors and the swatches looked much better. I would recommend using a fixing spray on your brush before applying those shades to your eyes.
Full shade range swatches
The eyeshadows were easy to apply on the eyelid and I absolutely loved how pigmented they looked. There was a one-swipe intensity to the palette and the colors were buildable. There was minimal fallout as I applied each color so just make sure to wipe under your eyes to remove the potential fallout once you have completed the look. 
Wearing the midnight blue on my lid and the yellow/gold in the crease
For $13 I feel that this palette is worth it. The shades are quite pigmented and were easy to work with on the eye. The only cons were minimal fallout and the lighter shades will need a little spray to get the best use. I love the E10 palette and I can see myself using it quite often. If you are someone who prefers matte shades, perhaps you should try another palette but if you love shimmer shades, this palette is a must.
Have you ever tried Sleek Makeup and if you have, what products do you like? I’m always looking for makeup recommendations and would welcome any suggestions. If you liked this review and would like to see more from The Trendy Wallet, please subscribe and also follow via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.
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