Makeup Revolution x Emily Noel: Impressions

I first mentioned this latest collaboration by Makeup Revolution on the latest cosmetic launch roundup, spent three days in suspense, and it is finally here! Makeup Revolution x Emily Noel and the packaging is gorgeous!
Quick information session: Emily Noel is an American beauty influencer and one of the OG Youtubers, starting back in 2006. She has two channels but she does quick reviews of makeup products on the “Beauty Express” channel. Ms. Noel boasts 917k subscribers on her main channel while the beauty channel contains 219k. She also holds the honor of being the first American influencer to work with Revolution.

On to the products. As with Imogen Hudson’s collaboration that was revealed three weeks ago, Emily has also released two products. The first palette, The Wants” is the eyeshadow palette, boasting a larger size than we have seen with previous palettes from Makeup Revolution. The Wants contains twenty-four eyeshadow shades, with a full range of both warm tones and cool tones. I am very impressed with this palette and Emily really put a lot of thought into this palette. The Wants is $20 and is available on Makeup Revolution’s website and Ulta’s website.
The Wants
The second product is The Needs. Emily describes this palette as the “greatest hits palette’, meaning that she combined the best products from Makeup Revolution, gave it her signature spin, and voila! The Needs was born. There is a contour/bronzer shade, highlighting shade, two blushes, and a translucent powder to cover the face aspect of makeup. She also included eyeshadows with shades that are perfect a neutral look on the go. The Needs retails for $15 and, like The Wants, is available on Makeup Revolution’s website and Ulta’s website.
The Needs
I like the ideas behind both palettes but I, personally, would/will get The Wants because most of the colors are what I am missing in my eyeshadow collection (I have so many face products). Are you spoiling yourself with this collaboration? Give me your opinion in the comments and make sure to subscribe for the latest here at The Trendy Wallet. Also follow via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.
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