Cosmetic Launch Roundup: August 17-31, 2018

No introduction is needed as summer begins its departure and autumn arrives to bring us fallen leaves, candles smelling of apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice, and holidays like Halloween. Let us enjoy the last days of summer with these late August releases.
Maybelline has finally launched their highly anticipated Soda Pop eyeshadow palette. There were rumors floating around that the palette would not be launched until early September but I am thankful that Maybelline moved the release date up. The Soda Pop palette is currently available on Ulta’s website for $14 and should be hitting stores like Walgreens/CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, and many others within the next week or so (and for a cheaper price).
Soda Pop anyone?

A quick surprise launch: Jcat Beauty served us with a cream foundation in a compact for coverage on the go. Their new Aquasurance Compact Foundation provides a hydrating effect on the skin, minimizes pores and the coverage is buildable. It seems like a great foundation for those with dry skin but the shade range is somewhat disappointing. There are currently eight shades available so proceed with caution for those of fair to medium skin tones. The foundation costs $14 and is available on Jcat’s website.
Aquasurance foundation
Black Radiance dropped their summer collection and it is marvelous. It has been awhile since Black Radiance released new products but they exceeded expectations with a liquid highlighter, luminous oil, lip scrub, setting spray, and a lip balm. I love the highlighter, with its golden sheen. Oh and there are 5 new shades of the beautiful lip kits as well.
All of the items are under $9 and are available online at Black Radiance’s website!
Summer Radiance
Tattoo Junkee is giving even more stunning shades for their lip kits. Four new lip kits have been released: Diva (midnight blue), Attitude (beige/nude), Fabulous (bubblegum pink), and Illusion (light pink). The lip kits are available now on Tattoo Junkee’s website and retail for $7.

Rude Cosmetics has given us the news that their Blackjack 21 Collection will be released at the end of the month! For more info on the palettes, check out the first post here. Along with the eyeshadow palettes, Rude Cosmetics has teased their new Sculpting Concealer with an unknown release date.

The shade range is actually quite nice aand diverse compared to some high-end brands.
Sculpting Concealer
Essence Makeup has announced twelve new lipstick shades will be launched the last week of August. The colors range from bright red to dark colors like black. I am actually intrigued by the black lipstick but I am not adventurous enough to try it (*laugh*). I’ll stick my red shades. Stay tuned for updates.
Ah the nudes, brights, and smolders!
Makeup Revolution is teasing another collaboration and it is with American beauty influencer Emily Noel. This will be the first time that the British brand is extending its reach to American influencers, so I can only imagine the pressure on Ms. Noel. Stay tuned for updates as the collaboration will be unveiled this Wednesday August 22.
Sneak Peek
Bad Habit is launching another palette this Thursday August 23. The palette, called Artistry II, is a dupe of the KKW x Mario collaboration palette which retails on the KKW site for $45. Since Bad Habit is known for their affordable dupes of high-end brand palettes, you can expect a much lower price point. The Artistry palette will launch on Thursday on the Hush app.
Artistry II
L.A Girl is getting innovative with their release of the Pro Prep Color Correcting Primers. Each primer has a purpose; green corrects redness, orange helps brighten “dull” skin, pink brightens skin tones, and yellow brightens fair to medium skin tones. The primers cost $9 each and they will be available on the L.A Girl website starting on August 23 but Ulta released the product early on their website for $7.
Color Correct while Priming!
Surprise! Another Jcat Beauty release and it seems they are sticking with their “release three palettes at the same time” trend. The indie brand announced that they would be releasing a highlighting palette called Unicorn Glow (for a magical look), a blush palette entitled Blush Me, Cheeky (suitable for all skin tones) and a contour/highlight palette called Hide & Seek. An official released date has not been given so stay tuned for updates.
Palettes, palettes, and more palettes!
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