Being Rude Is Worth It

I know. The title of this article gave you pause. Am I right?
The title refers to Rude Cosmetics, an indie brand that has been mentioned several times before here on The Trendy Wallet. The brand has been going into hyper speed with their eyeshadow palette releases; they just released their Whatever Forever palette on August 10. Then on August 14 they began to tease their newest palettes.

I had to do my research and imagine my excitement, surprise, joy, etc when I saw that Rude is preparing to launch not one, not three, but six new palettes! The palettes are separated into collections: three belong to the Metropolis collection while the other three are included in their Blackjack 21 collection.
The palettes of the Metropolis collection will have fourteen shades and have a unique city theme. The Tokyo theme is reminiscent of the bright colors featured in the bustling city.
Rio de Janeiro’s theme gives an earthy vibe with its subtle neutrals and earthy tones.
Last but not least, the London themed palette has a cool and sophisticated vibe. Each of the Metropolis palettes will cost $12!
On to the Blackjack collection. Each palette will have 21 shades, cost $19.50, and the packaging has a model for different character types. The Bad Girl palette simply works for those who want attention and know that vivid colors are the way to get it. With the range of colors you’ll be sure to show everyone that being “bad” isn’t such a terrible thing after all.
The Mean Girl certainly lives up to its name with a fiery theme, complete with reds, oranges, yellows. Watch out or you might get burned. (Sorry, bad joke.)
And of course, the Tough Girl seeks to show that just because you like “girly colors” like pink and gold doesn’t mean you can’t be tough and hang with the boys. The shimmers are beautiful and with the dark shades, you can create beautiful and colorful smoky eye looks.
Rude Cosmetics has not yet given a release date but you can bet that I will be eagerly watching to see when I can get my hands on these palettes. I love the unique names and themes of the palettes. Honestly, a Blackjack collection? That’s why I stan indie brands!
Which palette and/or collection is your favorite? Tell me in the comments! Make sure to follow Indie Clique and check out my social media (links in the sidebar)
*Photos belong to Rude Cosmetics*


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