Triple The Palettes

I absolutely love the brand Essence because the products are of good quality and cost less than a meal at my favorite restaurant. I always look forward to their new products because they have found a niche but always seem to make the next collection even more astounding.

Well, Essence has certainly outdone itself. As mentioned last week, the brand launched a series of holographic products but I also mentioned that Essence was preparing to release three palettes but had not given an exact date of release. I am so excited because today (August 10), Essence launched their palettes and all three are breathtaking and quite affordable.
Fairy Wings and Magical Things
I’m With The Band



Spice Up Your Life
The palettes cover the full spectrum of shades you’d like to see in a makeup collection. The Fairy Wings and Magical Things palette has a very soft look and summons thoughts of spring with the beautiful pastel shades. I’m With The Band gives off a party vibe with its bold and darker shades. The third palette Spice Up Your Life reminds me of the summer and early fall with its shades of reds and neutrals. All three palettes have gorgeous packaging and the packaging actually matches the overall concept of each palette.
If any (or all three) palettes have caught your eye, you can pick them up for $10 each on Essence’s website or at Ulta stores. Let me know in the comments which palette is your favorite and be sure to follow Indie Clique via social media (links in the sidebar).
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