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If you have not heard of E’tae you have been missing out! I first heard of this hair brand about two years ago and after watching several videos of the products being used, I became intrigued. Learning that the products help transition women from relaxed (use of chemical products) to natural hair was inspiring and, being curious, I had to try it.

E’tae uses natural ingredients in their products such as rosemary and flaxseed. Owner and founder Kisha Tompkins-Hudson began a mission to educate women on caring for their natural hair. The empire she created has helped many women begin to love their hair; the products are known for giving hair a beautiful gleam and repairing any damage from heat or harsh chemicals.

All natural ingredients
There is a specific order in which to use the products for maximum effect:

Caramel Deep Reconstructing Treatment (repairs damage, softens hair, restores natural luster)

Carmelux Deep Penetrating Treatment Shampoo (thoroughly cleanses hair, strengthens hair)

Carmelux Silk Protein Conditioner (allows hair to be detangled easier, boosts hair sheen)

Buttershine Hair and Scalp Cream (heat protectant that smooths hair and boosts hair texture)
There are more products in the E’tae family but these are the basics for a healthy hair routine. My hair kept its soft texture and I didn’t have to “straighten” or flat iron my hair; just wrapped it in a scarf before bed. The brand sells hair accessories now, like hair dryers, combs, bobby pins, etc.
I recommend this for any hair type or texture. You can even use this on a child’s hair. This is a pricy hair system but it’s worth it. Plus there are bundle deals, saving your wallet’s tears because you aren’t paying $20 per individual product. The Ultimate Bundle includes the products mentioned above and retails at $74.
Ultimate Bundle
What hair products do you swear by to maintain your hair and would you try E’tae? Share your hair routine in the comments and make sure to click the follow button for more content from Indie Clique. You can also find me on social media (links in the sidebar).

*Photos are from E’tae website *


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