Beauty Bucket List: 20’s

I celebrated my birthday (July 8) and I realized that there are several beauty treatments and products that I have not tried. There are so many trends in the beauty world but only a few that I would actually try. So, this is my list of things I want to complete before I turn 30.

Teeth Whitening– I have never used whitening strips, that charcoal paste, or anything. Wait, does Colgate whitening toothpaste count?

Sheet mask in public– I have seen a few women walk around either outside their homes or, more daringly, during their customary trips to a grocery store. This one will need all my courage!

Bubble face mask– Instagram and Youtube. There are several videos that I saw in which people apply this product to their face and you watch as bubbles begin to pop up on their face. Due to my fascination this is included.

Spa Day– If I could leave my son with his father for longer than an hour, I would certainly spend time getting a massage and a facial. A day to myself sounds lovely.

Dye my hair– This one makes me nervous because I have thick, “kinky” hair so I am sort of limited in what products I can use. Plus I’ve read and listened to women complain about how the dye ruined their hair. I wonder… Could I install a weave and dye that hair? Hmm.

Get a wax– I have never waxed because of the horror stories. “Oh the pain!” I shave often but I’ve grown tired of always cutting myself regardless of the products I use. I even cut my legs using the Schick Quatro with the fancy moisturizing bar thing

Pluck eyebrows– I have rather nice eyebrows in my opinion; I don’t use any eyebrow pomade or gel, just a spoolie. But I have noticed stray hairs as I do my makeup and I really want to try plucking them.

Visit a dermatologist– I know the basics of my skin: it’s dry and I acne occasionally. I care for my skin with products from Formula 10.0.6 and Neutrogena but I think I may visit a dermatologist for a check-up.

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