Surprise Launches: July 24-29, 2018

I understand that brands usually produce a lot of new products during the summer but goodness me! Every day my Instagram feed features either a new product that will soon launch (giving us fair warning) or a completely unexpected launch. Here are a few launches for the last week of July.

July 25:

Makeup Revolution announced an expansion into skin care and bath products so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that they released five body mists. Sophdoesnails was able to collaborate on one of the mists. The products are sold under the side brand I Heart Revolution, which is popular for its colorful products and unique packaging.
The bottles range from holographic to vivid colors and the names of each mist are so cute. Sophie’s mist is called Vanilla and Crème Brulee. The other four are called Pink Dreams, Unicorn Sparkle, Mermaid Splash, Angel Kiss.
In the video explaining each product, Sophie explains each scent; Angel Kiss has an apple scent, Pink Dream has floral and fruity notes from berries, Unicorn Sparkle’s scent has hints of citrus, and Mermaid Splash is a coconut-inspired mist. Oh, and of course the Vanilla and Crème Brulee smells exactly as it is named, like vanilla and the famed dessert. The body mists are $15 each.
Another set of products launched by the brand are the bath fizzers, which you drop into a bathtub full of water and watch as the fizz dissipates and the water changes color. The fizzers are priced differently. If you get the bagged fizzers, they cost $6 while the plastic packaged fizzers are $7.



Pink Dream, Mermaid Splash, Vanilla and Creme Brulee, Unicorn Sparkle, and Angel Kisses
Mermaid Splash Fizzers
July 25:
BH Cosmetics just launched their Liquid Linen liquid lipsticks a few days ago but here they go again with the Brilliant Bronzers. Each bronzer costs $10 and is a cream formula within a compact package. The bronzers are a satin finish which is appreciated because it is finally something other than matte. There are three shades but I am not sure if any of them will work for me. It seems like the shades were meant for fair to medium/tan skin tones.
The three shades are: Golden Gal is the lightest shade, Bronze Babe is the middle shade, and Coco Cutie is the “darkest” shade. .
Golden Gal
Bronze Babe
Coco Cutie


July 26:
Makeup Revolution confirmed and launched its newest collaboration with German influencer Kisu. The palette costs $15 and contains 16 shadows and 2 highlighting shades.

Makeup Revolution x Kisu
July 29:
Covergirl launched their Exhibitionist Lipstick line in honor of National Lip Stick day. The line has 48 shades to choose from and there are three formulas for the shades; matte, cream, and metallic. The packaging for the mattes are basic black, creams have a shine to the packaging, and metallic is a silver packaging. The PR box that beauty influencers received is adorable and yes I am jealous. You can grab the lipsticks at Walgreens, Ulta, Walmart, and Rite Aid.

Photo credits:
Makeup Revolution (Instagram and website)
BH Cosmetics (website)
Covergirl (Instagram)

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