First Glimpse of Milani’s New Palettes!

If you follow this blog (I don’t know why you wouldn’t but you need to) then you would know that in the last cosmetic launch roundup, I briefly mentioned that Milani Cosmetics will be launching two new eyeshadow palettes sometime this month. Well Milani announced on July 17th that both palettes, Soft and Sultry and Pure Passion, will be launching on July 29th at Walmart as well as online at Milani’s website.

The brand is hoping that these new palettes will continue the success they found with their Gilded Desires palette that was released in June. Each palette contains six matte shades and six foiled shimmer shades.

Soft and Sultry features cool-toned shades while Pure Passion delivers warm-toned shades. Both palettes look gorgeous and will cost $20 each. I am thoroughly enjoying Milani Cosmetics’ Instagram because they are serving us this summer with some great teasers. I must say that the brand has stepped their game up.

Pure Passion
Soft and Sultry
My opinion? I think I would rather purchase the Soft and Sultry palette because I love cool toned eyeshadows. The mattes are colors that I don’t have in my collection and those shimmers are so pretty. Pure Passion is a beautiful palette as well but I have a couple palettes that have similar shades that Pure Passion has. Why waste $20 on a palette that already has similar colors to other palettes in your collection?
Keep an eye out for these two palettes and let me know: 1. If you purchased one or both and 2. What you think of them. Available at Walmart or for purchase online at Milani’s website.
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