What’s Your Sign?

This is what Wet N’ Wild wants to know with their Zodiac Collection! I previously reported that Wet N’ Wild was preparing a collection under the project name “Written in The Stars.” Well, the wait is over as this collection has hit their website.

Many fans assumed that these products, as with all the brand’s past collections, would be available as a limited-edition box set containing all of the products. Those rumors and assumptions were shot down as Wet N’ Wild confirmed via Instagram that the whole collection, comprised of four separate sets, were for beauty influencers as PR packages while regular consumers (you and me) would have to purchase each set individually. Imagine how this looked in Instagram comments… I’ll wait.
The collection is separated into four sets: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. If you are a Pisces, the Water set is tailored for you as the Earth set is for Capricorn. Each zodiac gets their own lip gloss with totally different shades, and as a Cancer, I am super disappointed that I’m stuck with an ugly white/silver shade.


Each set costs $21 and includes a highlighter, eyeshadow compact, and three lip glosses, one for each zodiac sign within that element. So if you are the kind of person who has to collect whole collections, you’ll end up paying $84 just to brag about completing the zodiac wheel.
My thoughts about this whole launch is that it was quite sloppy during the promotional cycle. The brand released teasers but wouldn’t respond to questions or comments. Beauty bloggers and other insiders were constantly talking for the brand and Wet N Wild only posted about the PR boxes ONE time. I love this brand for their affordable and high-quality products but it looks like I’ll pass on this collection. Maybe I’ll buy the Aries lip gloss… Who am I kidding? I’ll have to see which collection really draws me in.
This collection is available on Wet N’ Wild’s website and available in Walmart stores starting August 1st. Let me know in the comments what your sign is!
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Wet N Wild’s website

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