Kokie Cosmetics Foundation Review

I was super excited to see Kokie Cosmetics’ products at my local Walmart. Even better than finally finding the brand was the marked down prices. So I decided to try their Skin Perfect HD Foundation. The regular price is $13 on Kokie’s website; I got it for $5.

Walmart Display
There is a nice range of shades offered by the brand (18 total) and I tried my best to match the foundation to my skin tone. I pondered for a few minutes before selecting shade 110 Warm. This is when knowing your undertone is important.
I decided to test this new foundation as I rifled through my makeup bag. Let me tell you that this foundation is one of the more “decent” foundations I’ve worn. It matched my skin tone but it did oxidize a little. As I applied it, I noticed that it neutralized the appearance of my pores but it was oily. Once it dried, it wasn’t too matte and instead had a satin-type finish. And the formula worked well with my normal to dry skin but I would recommend that oily skin types try another foundation.
If you like full coverage for your foundation, I recommend using three to four pumps of the foundation on your sponge or brush. I used three pumps and used my sponge, noting that the product blended easily and provided medium coverage.
Excuse the lighting and grainy look of this picture
Pros:                                         Cons:
Weightless                               Easily smudged (set it)
Good for normal/dry skin        Not for oily skin

Overall the Skin Perfect HD Foundation is a good foundation as far as drugstore foundations go. I loved that they had shades for different shades of skin and undertones. If you are someone who likes a semi-matte finish and medium coverage, give this foundation a try. But oily skin types should steer clear of this one.

Rating: 7/10

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