Surprise Launches! July 9-15, 2018

Bad Habit Beauty dropped two more palettes on Thursday, July 12th on the Hush app. Named After Charge and After Glow, these two palettes were the latest additions to the “After” collection from Bad Habit. The palettes are $12 individually but if you purchase both, the cost is $20.

Hot on the heels of their Sol+Mar collection, Colourpop Cosmetics released a primer and setting spray. Called “All-Star”, the products have been formulated to last all day and provide a smoother base and finish to your makeup. The All-Star primer and setting spray launched Thursday, July 12!

Wet N’ Wild spent the summer creating gorgeous limited-edition collections like Midnight Goddess and Electric Queen. On the last cosmetic roundup, I mentioned that they were released another limited edition collection called Written In The Stars which launched July 17th. Well thanks to a fan, the next collection was spotted early in select Bed Bath and Beyond stores. The Fire vs Ice collection, inspired by Game of Thrones has no release date but the collection looks stunning, if the fan’s picture is accurate.

*Update! Wet N Wild launched Fire vs Ice on August 9th!*
L’Oreal announced on July 9th that they would be releasing a collaboration with Camila Cabello called Havana. This is a limited edition and L’Oreal stated that the collection would be sold at Ulta starting July 15. For international fans, the brand will be selling Havana globally in certain stores (18 countries to be exact) as well as online starting in August
The packaging looks super cute, blue bottles with pink flowers adorning the caps of lipsticks and on the bottles. The collection includes fourteen products and since it’s L’Oreal, it’s quite affordable but has a limited shade range. There are four single eye shadows, four lip glosses, two liquid bronzers, three brow products, and one eyeliner.

Sometimes I cannot keep up with all these launches but I did my best! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and tell me which products you tried. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest and subscribe for more launches, beauty tips, and more.

Photo credits:
L’Oreal (Twitter)
Colourpop Cosmetics (Instagram)
Bad Habit (Instagram)

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