Cosmetic Launch Roundup: July 1-15, 2018

We made it to July!! I hope that your summer is going fabulously and you are having fun, whether you’re enjoying yourself at the beach, traveling, or even lounging at home. I am one of the homebodies simply because I don’t live near a beach or anything really fun… Like Disneyland. I would rather binge watch the Real Housewives or keep up-to-date with makeup trends. And I have to keep writing and researching the latest in (affordable) beauty for you as well!

To celebrate July and the freedom to eat as much ice cream as you want, I present you with the latest cosmetic launches for the first two weeks of July.
Colourpop Cosmetics launched another collection called Sol and Mar (Sun and Sea in Spanish). The collection includes TWO eyeshadow palettes, lip gloss, and four Super Shock highlighters. The palettes are meant to give a beachy vibe with the Mar palette’s colors reminding consumers of the ocean/sea and the Sol palette’s colors obviously paying homage to the Sun. I must say these palettes are beautiful and cost $12 each or $24 for both.

The lip products of the collection are quite nice as well, with the colors complementing the palettes and being perfect for summer. The lip glosses can be bought individually for $6. I am a sucker for purple or red shades so I’ve been debating on whether to buy the bundle or the red shade. To finish the collection, Colourpop introduced four new shades of their Super Shock Highlighters. They are neutral shades so if you are a fan of neutrals, these are for you. The collection was launched on June 29, 2018 at 10am PST and are available on the Colourpop website.

Maybelline has their “City Minis” eyeshadow collection and in case you haven’t tried them, they are great for simple yet glam looks and perfect for beginners. The brand decided to expand the collection to a total of eight with 3 new palettes called Blush Avenue, Brooklyn Nudes, and Matte About Town.
Beautiful purple and pink shades make up Blushed Avenue, Brooklyn Nudes is perfect for smoky eyes and includes “muted” shades of brown, beige and black while Matte About Town is all neutral tones and perfect for daytime looks. Each palette costs $9.
Makeup Revolution sprang another surprise upon us with news of FOUR new palettes in their Re-loaded collection and I am here for them! The four palettes, Visionary, Velvet Rose, Basic Mattes, and Newtrals 3, are all nice looking but honestly, the Velvet Rose palette is the most appealing to me. All the palettes are available at Makeup Revolution’s site and cost $7 each.

Jcat Beauty released a set of three eyeshadow palettes, collectively called X-treme Access Pocket Shadow, with the goal of these new palettes will be in your travel makeup bag. The three palettes are called Red Carpet Premiere, Walk of Stardom, and Pops of Paparazzi, in reference to Hollywood. The palettes contain twelve shades and for $8 each, these shadows would definitely be a great item to have in your makeup bag. Red Carpet Premiere gives us neutral mattes and bold shimmers for a night out. Walk of Stardom gives us “earthy” shades that are great for simple day looks, especially when at work. Pops of Paparazzi has the perfect name because the shades capture your attention, with a literal rainbow of colors and very bright shimmers.


Catrice Cosmetics continuously provides beautiful holographic highlighters in magnificent shades so I’m thrilled to share the news that Catrice has launched several new nail polishes. Called Iconails Gel Lacquer, the nail polish is designed to last a full week, which seems impossible given how much our hands and nails go through daily. Each shade costs $3.99 and Trendy Wallet approves.

Wet N’ Wild just gave us two limited edition collections and they are getting ready to spoil us again with Written In The Stars! Not much is known about this new collection and no release date has been given but the teaser picture is giving me vibes of maybe a smokey eye palette consisting of blues, browns and maybe a black shadow.
*Update: The Zodiac collection was launched in August.

BH Cosmetics was on a roll with these hot summer releases! The brand launched a new eyeshadow+highlight palette on July 12 called Desert Oasis. True to its name, this 19-shade palette contains gorgeous shades reminiscent of sand dunes and a mirage of water. The shimmer shades look so appealing, especially the blue shade called Hot Spring. If you need another palette perfect for the summer, Desert Oasis is available on BH Cosmetics’ website costs $22.
Milani is capitalizing on the success and popularity of their Gilded Desires palette. The brand announced that later this month they would be releasing two additional palettes. One palette is called Soft and Sultry while the other palette is named Pure Passion. Milani has not released a lot of information so we just have to imagine what shades each palette will have as well as a release date.
*Update: Milani launched Pure Passion and Soft&Sultry palettes on July 26th!

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