They’re Here!!

Excuse my enthusiasm ūüôā

Makeup Revolution has collaborated with Sophdoesnails, MakeupbyTammi, and Carmimua for the last year with each person releasing their own palette (except Sophie, who released two palettes, a highlighter palette, and three lipsticks).
Tammi Clarke released her palette called Tropical Paradise back on May 11th of this year while Carmimua released his Kiss of Fire palette on May 18th.

I eagerly awaited news that the palettes were available at Ulta but after stalking both Instagram pages for Makeup Revolution UK and USA, I was heartbroken to hear that they are still working to get the palettes in Ulta. So imagine my joy when they finally announced yesterday that both Tropical Paradise and Kiss of Fire are (finally) available on Makeup Revolution’s USA website. I usually shop at Ulta but some brands are worth buying online, especially brands in Europe!

If you want vibrant colors and great transition shades, make sure you check out both Tammi’s and Carmi’s palettes!

Tropical Paradise                                               Kiss of Fire


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*Photos from Makeup Revolution website!*

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