Skin Care: Korean Face Masks

I first tried face masks from Pretty and Cute, a Korean skincare company and I must say that I loved the quality and I saw a real difference in my skin within two weeks of regularly using them. Since I am all about high quality and low prices, I figured we would discuss masks today.

If you take good care of your skin and have not tried a sheet mask, where have you been? Sheet masks have become staple in skincare routines because they are easy to use, don’t take a lot of time, the ingredients create better-looking skin, and the variety of masks are plenty. South Korea has a booming skincare industry due to their cute packaging and efficient skincare masks.

Pretty and Cute is a store based in Portland, Oregon (my hometown!) and provide brands that are exclusive to Korea. The store is also online, and their products are directly shipped from South Korea. If you are a sucker for cute animal packaging, Pretty and Cute is the store for you. The store has a certain charm with its pastel pink interior and the white shelves are filled with all sorts of skin care products, with the most popular being masks from the brand The Face Shop.
If you shop online, you will notice that other brands such as Etude House and My Beauty Diary are available and honestly, you’ll feel like you’re in face mask heaven. My personal favorite is the Acai Berry mask from The Face Shop.


Facetory is a relatively new company I found through Instagram. The company offers two subscription plans or you can buy individual masks with prices starting at $2. Facetory stocks Korean skincare products from many brands. I tried Beauty Chuck’s I’m Real GIRA Mask (Rose) and I was hesitant on whether it would work because product left my face feeling sticky but the next day, my skin appeared a little brighter, so it did work after all.

If you decide to subscribe for the monthly boxes, there are two options. The “personalized box” is composed of seven masks for $15.95 a month, six months for $14.36 a month, or the yearly subscription totaling $13.56 a month. You choose your skin type (oily, dry, combination) and receive the masks based on your answer.

The other subscription is the “theme box” entitled “Four-ever Fresh Kit” which includes four masks at $5.95 a month. With either subscription is a $2.95 shipping fee.

Face masks are the quickest and cheapest way to get a mini facial; you don’t have to worry about running to the spa and handing over wads of cash. Tell me your opinion of face masks and your go-to skin care products in the comments. Also follow Indie Clique for more skin care chat and follow along on social media (links in the sidebar).

Pretty and Cute website
My personal photos of Facetory masks

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