Surprise Launches! June 20-24, 2018

RING THE ALARM!!!!! O to the M to the G!

So I am looking at my Instagram and I see that Makeup Revolution released a full collection of glitter products!! Glitter palettes, glitter bombs, and of course glitter glue. I can’t wait to get my hands on the palettes because they look superb and they would be the perfect finishing touch for eyeshadow looks.

The glitter bombs are single containers filled with all the glitter you could possibly want. The glitter glue ($7) is the perfect adhesive to ensure that the shimmer from the glitter bombs holds. There are 10 glitter bombs of assorted colors like pink, silver, gold, etc. The bomb named Glitterazzi peaks my interest due to its silvery color. J’adore silver!
There are three palettes and the names perfectly describe the shades. Hot Pursuit contains shades of red and purple, Midas Touch provides gold and bronze befitting its namesake, and Abracadabra will mystify you with its bright shades of green, blue and pinks. Truth be told, now that the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault has been delayed, I may splurge on these glitter palettes from Makeup Revolution as my birthday present. Each palette costs $15 USD and can be found here.

Abracadabra                              Midas Touch                              Hot Pursuit


Then I see that BH Cosmetics has released a new highlighting palette! The Duolight Highlight contains nine total colors: three single highlight shades and then three pans containing two shades each, hence the “Duo” aspect of the name. The swatches are pretty and some product reviews claim that the highlight applies smoothly and feels creamy. We’ll have to see how this new highlighting palette stands against BH’s previous highlighting palettes. You can pick one of the palettes up for $19 USD.

Nyx Cosmetics is on a roll with their lip products. Their launch for this week is their Slip Tease Full Color Lip Lacquers. Featuring twenty-four shades, these lippies look quite vibrant and the swatches I’ve seen on Nyx’s Instagram (here) are tempting. They can be yours for $7 (in a game show host voice)

Screenshot 2019-04-01 at 2.47.18 AM - Edited

Tell me in the comments which surprise launch you are excited to try and, if you do buy them, let me know what you think. Don’t miss a single post by subscribing/following the Trendy Wallet. You can follow me on social media (links in sidebar!) as well.

Photo credits:
Makeup Revolution (website)
BH Cosmetics (website)
Nyx Cosmetics’ (website)


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