Cosmetic Launch Roundup: June 16-30, 2018

We are half-way through June and summer is underway which means we should celebrate! This post is dedicated to the last two weeks of June.

Colourpop Cosmetics decided to spring a new product line on us! Their #NoFilter product line boasts a foundation line featuring 42 shades that suit every skin tone. The price point for the foundation is $12 per bottle. Some beauty influencers have already boasted about the foundation, citing that it applies smoothly, is worth the cost, etc. Sounds nice but it is better to try for ourselves right?
Included in the line is a loose setting powder, concealer, and matte pressed powder. You can grab everything on Colourpop’s site.


Bad Habit Liquified Matte Lipstick
It seems that liquid lipsticks are on trend in the makeup community because every brand is either expanding their line or jumping on the bandwagon. The difference with Bad Habit Beauty’s new lipsticks is that the colors and packaging are different and outside the box.

There are dark colors, neutrals and bright colors presented and they are $6 each; however Bad Habit is offering a set of 6 lipsticks for $28!!! I’m all about saving money and if you do the math, you are essentially buying three at full price and three at half price.

Bad Habit products are sold exclusively at ShopHush so if you want to order the liquid lipsticks, download the app (works for both iPhone and Android users) and enjoy!


If you follow Wet n’ Wild’s Instagram you would have seen several posts about a “secret” that the brand was working on. The wait is over as they announced today that they are releasing two new collections: Midnight Goddess and Electric Queen. You can get the collections online now. Th kits bcam available at Walgreens on July 2nd.

My first impression is that both kits are very pretty and have a lot of potential for beautiful, summery looks. Midnight Goddess delivers purple mystique while Electric Queen offers splendid pink. Both kits consist of an eyeshadow palette, highlighting powder, a lipstick, highlighter pigments, but Midnight Goddess has an eyeliner while Electric Queen has a lip color topper. If you are as intrigued as I am, you can pick one up for $15 online or in stores.
Electric Queen
Midnight Goddess


Glitter lovers of the world unite! British cosmetic brand Barry M is set to release their Glitter Rush Body Glitters in bold and beautiful colors. The brand already sells some glitter products but the new products feature a few more shades (and more sparkle!)
Converted from British pounds, each glitter costs $6 but the containers are packed full so it seems worth it!

June 26: Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection
For those who do not know the name Jaclyn Hill, she is a huge beauty guru and professional makeup artist. In 2015 Jaclyn and Morphe collaborated to create an eyeshadow palette that had makeup addicts squealing when it was released in early 2017 (and they are still talking about it). Fast forward to June 11, 2018, and Jaclyn’s official Youtube channel broadcasts the news: she is releasing FOUR palettes that collectively are referred to as the Vault Collection.

Jaclyn admits that the colors in these new palettes were rejected in favor of the shades in the original palette but since she loved the unreleased shades, she wanted to do another collaboration with Morphe in which fans and makeup enthusiasts would be able to create even more looks.

The palettes have themes (purple, red, yellow, and green-blue) and come with a mirror built-in. The swatches are mouth-watering! If you watch the video (linked below) of Jaclyn introducing the vault, she explains the process and which are her favorite colors.

The whole collection is $49 but if you are only drawn to one of the palettes, they are $15 each. HOWEVER! Jaclyn offered a discount code that fans can use on the Morphe website that will help lower the price. The line launches on June 26 and will sell out quickly (it happened with her previous palette).
*Update: The Vault was delayed until August 14th.*

These are just a few that have been announced but they are more than enough! You could do a full look with all the products and spend less than $50. Tell me which products you are loving and the ones you might skip in the comments.
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Photo Credits:
Colourpop Cosmetics (website)
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Jaclyn Hill Youtube channel

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